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انفارمیشن ابریویشن

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انفارمیشن ابریویشن

Post by anwar_hussain on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:53 pm

  • انفارمیشن

  • LAN= Local Area Network

  • WAN= Wide area Network

  • MAN= Metropolitan Area Network

  • WLAN= Wireless Local Area Network

  • CMC= Computer Mediated

  • BIOS= Basic Input Output System

  • SCSI= Small Computer System

  • TCP/IP= Transmission Control
    Protocol/Internet Protocol

  • HAL= Hardware Abstraction Layer

  • IP= Internet Protocol

  • DHCP= Dynamic Host Configuration

  • DNS= Domain Name System

  • NETBEUI=Netbios extended User

  • API= Application Program Interface

  • WINS= Window Internet Naming

  • YAHOO= Yet Another Hierarchial
    Officious Oracle

  • SMTP= Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

  • POP= Post Office Protocol

  • HTML= Hyper Text markup Lanuage

  • URL= Universal Resource Locator

  • NIC= Net Work Interface Card

  • HTTP= Hyper text Transfer Protocol

  • PING= Packet Internetwork Grouper

  • PKI= Public Key Infrastructure

  • UDP= User Datagram Protocol

  • FTP= File Transfer Protocol

  • DCPROMO=Domain Controller Promotion

  • FAT 16,32=File allocation Table

  • NTFS= New Technology File system

  • DVD= Digital Versatile Disc

  • ZIP= Zig-Zag inline Package

  • RARP= Reverse Address Resolution

  • EAP= Extensble Authintication

  • ICMP= Internet Compuetr message

  • PXE= Pre-Boot Execution Enviroment

  • PNP= Plug And Paly

  • PDF= portable Document Format

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Re: انفارمیشن ابریویشن

Post by Shaheen on Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:24 pm

goodpost informative. Smile


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